What is Givito?

Givito is an international gift card solution. It is used by restaurants, hotels and other businesses. No matter what your speciality, Givito gift card shop is always tailored to your brand.


Online & On-site Sales and Delivery

Redeeming and Product Admin

Reporting and Accounting

Advanced Features and Marketing Tools

Givito Gift Card Solution


  • Around 90% delivered immediately in digital PDF-format
  • Available 24/7 – impulsive decisions and increased spending
  • Commission free
  • Payments directly to seller

On site

  • Sell gift cards on-site with the same app
  • Including tailored gift cards
  • Multiple delivery and payment options (e.g. customer complaint cases)


  • Tablets, mobile devices, PC’s, POS- and PMS-integrations
  • Redeem fully or partially
  • Gift card balance is always up to date

Product Admin

  • Create gift cards for your business yourself: enjoyable experiences, set menus, lunch passes, etc.
  • Create and manage campaigns, due dates and quotas


  • Sales, redemption and chain reporting
  • Customer complaints and compensations
  • Marketing and expenses
  • Prize cards and contests


  • Dedicated user account for bookkeeping
  • Real-time payables balance
  • Automatic monitoring of sales and purchases
  • Real-time profit and balance

Marketing Tools

  • Campaigns and special offers
  • Limited validity periods
  • Monitoring results
  • Marketing database
  • GCS is a marketing channel

Additional Features

  • Dedicated sales interface for sales departments
  • Added services for B2B-sales
  • Tailored gift cards
  • Chains and franchises

Customer On-Boarding


  • URL
  • Payment gateway
  • UI languages
  • GCS settings
  • Product details for gift cards
  • Payment Info/material for PDF template
  • Integration to current processes


  • Delivery in two to four weeks
  • Tailored GCS and PDF template
  • Three ready-made gift cards
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Customer-specific settings


  • User accounts and credentials
  • User guides and guide videos
  • User training, 30 mins online


  • Software updates
  • Updated support material
  • Customer service
  • Technical support
  • Additional customer-specific work and services


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